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Banking Identity and Access Management






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Provision® IAM is built to keep pace with the evolving demands of community banks. Provision® offer a sleek, user-friendly interface that lets you manage all your banking identity and access management (IAM) tasks effortlessly. This IAM bank solution provides cutting-edge access control and seamless automation that helps banks strengthen cybersecurity, maintain compliance, and streamline operations.

Why Community Banks Need Provision IAM

Spreadsheet and mirroring-based processes often fall short of providing the level of security community banks need to protect sensitive data, potentially leading to security breaches and noncompliance. Moreover, community banks often grapple with operational inefficiencies that divert staff from strategic initiatives to handle routine IAM tasks. 

Provision® IAM tackles these challenges head-on by automating your access management, offering precise control and comprehensive auditing, and improving your security and compliance—all in a unified platform.


The Benefits of Provision® IAM

Identity and access management in banking delivers vital benefits for financial institutions, and Provision is a cut above the rest. Here’s what you can expect from Provision's IAM bank solution: 


Enhanced Security: Provision IAM follows zero-trust security principles that allow only authorized personnel to access sensitive banking systems and data. This reduces your community bank’s risk of data breaches and fraud.


Improved User Experience: Seamless cloud-based SaaS means no software to install or manage on-premises. Bank employees and customers can enjoy secure and convenient access to their accounts and services. 


Convenient Records and Reports: With Provision IAM, you get a single, comprehensive source of record for internal and external audits. You can also take advantage of flexible reporting capabilities with a complete data set—no sampled data. 


Easy Onboarding: Provision's onboarding tool provides a step-by-step walkthrough with bank-friendly terminology. It’s designed to be easily understood by all levels of bank staff, facilitating a smooth and quick adaptation process.


Operational Efficiency: Provision automates many aspects of the access management process, such as user provisioning and de-provisioning, to reduce the workload of IT staff and eliminate time-consuming manual processes. Your staff can focus on more strategic tasks rather than administrative duties.


Regulatory Compliance: Your bank operates under strict data security and privacy regulations. Provision IAM helps you adhere to these regulations by managing user access rights and maintaining detailed access logs, which are essential for audits and compliance checks. 


Scalability: As your bank grows and evolves, Provision scales to accommodate an increasing number of users, transactions, and third-party integrations. This scalability ensures your bank can manage access securely and efficiently, even as its operations expand.


Risk Management: Provision IAM aids in risk management by enforcing user access policies based on roles and responsibilities. Individuals only have access to the information and tools necessary for their job functions, reducing the risk of internal threats and data misuse.

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Getting Started with Provision® IAM

Implementing Provision® IAM in your community bank is a straightforward process. Start with a consultation to assess your banking identity and access management needs. Provision's dedicated team will guide you through the transition, providing all the resources and support you need for successful integration. We’ll ensure minimal disruption to your operations while enhancing your security and compliance posture. 

With Provision, you can quickly adopt a robust IAM solution and empower your community bank. 

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