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Identity Access Management in Community Banks

Enabling a Seamless Audit Experience

Using Provision® to improve operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance

After receiving less-than-ideal audit findings, a growing regional bank realized they needed a new way to efficiently manage the hundreds of independent systems they use on a daily basis.

Audit findings revealed the bank had multiple employees with access to resources they no longer had permission to access. The bank was managing user access via an inefficient, home-grown solution that lacked a verification system to ensure permissions were indeed removed when requested. Employees spent hundreds of hours, and in turn thousands of dollars, to prepare for the audits, only to be let down when auditors revealed their findings.

With a tight deadline to provide proof that identified issues were resolved, the bank sought out Provision®, an Identity Management Solution. Provision allows the bank to connect all critical systems, including FIS core systems, into a single-source of record that automates the creation of role-based user accounts and privileges. Once all systems were connected, the bank was able to generate real-time audit reports and documentation for the audit teams. IT can even give auditors direct access to Provision to pull their own detailed reports.

Provision was implemented in 90 days at the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.


We were looking for a solution to manage provisioning and considered six providers. Provision IAM distinguished themselves with their technical expertise and advanced digital capabilities, coupled with their affordability.



Business Impact


Provision takes the manual burden of provisioning accounts and tracking user access off the shoulders of the HR and IT teams, resulting in:

  • 5-6x decrease in audit prep time and resources
  • Seamless annual audits the next year
  • Increase in operational efficiency scores


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