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Provision ® IAM Recognized at 2020 FIS Impact Awards

Transforming Pain Points into Efficiencies

Innovative APIs developed to connect FIS Core Services to Provision

FIS®, a global leader in financial services technology, selected First United Bank & Trust as a 2020 FIS Impact Award recipient for its innovative work and collaboration with Kitsap Bank, Country Club Bank, and Bank of Hawaii to create real-time connectors in the FIS Code Connect gateway.

Prior to this initiative, FIS had limited API capabilities that made it difficult for banks to directly connect the IBS Core with an identity management system, like Provision. Not only did IT teams and Help Desk admins have to manually provision accounts and set specific permissions, but they also had to rely on manual exports of reports to track user access and create audit documentation. This process was time consuming and error prone.

Exclamation Labs partnered with FIS directly, and the banks, to develop the real-time connectors that now allow FIS core services to directly communicate with Provision automatically. Provision provides hardened network security by enforcing user permissions and cybersecurity policies across the bank's numerous IT systems. The new connectors allow real-time transactions, tracking every system user while producing audit-ready reports.


It's an honor to be recognized by FIS, one of the world's top providers of core financial services, for our collaborative effort on this project. Winning is great, but the resulting interface has also made my job and my team's job much easier, transforming many of my former pain points into improved business efficiencies.



Business Impact

IAM has enabled financial institutions nationwide to achieve superior compliance by operationalizing and instantly documenting internal system-wide permissions via connectors across their entire suite of systems.

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